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Our ZMS Product Community

We create a commercial offering and commercial products that are relevant and applied by the biggest, as well as up-and-coming fashion brands.

High-level challenges

  • Our product managers are involved in complex stakeholder management. They act as strong bridges between the commercial and engineering teams by translating requirements and brainstorming ideas into creating products with a focus on added value and overall ZMS profitability
  • Balancing the needs of brand partners of creating a sophisticated offering while simultaneously drive consumer interest in their products
  • Collaborate with the product management community of different Zalando business units and negotiating with our feature priorities


We put emphasis on collaboration & negotiation

The teams maintain a relevant network with peers from other teams in the Zalando group to identify and drive cross-product opportunities. We aim for strong collaboration across multiple product areas to solve problems that matter.


Staying on top of the game

We always aim to be ahead of the market with our offerings, bringing unique products to life that inspire users and help brands to grow.

Our ZMS Product Community. ZMS is a key profitability driver for Zalando, delivering incremental revenue for the company through our products which are an integral part of our platform strategy.

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