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Inside Fashion Marketing

#3 SNOCKS: Connecting to customers as a small brand on a big platform

Andreas talks to Johannes Kliesch and Thomas Bauknecht from SNOCKS about how they leveraged advertising and marketing to grow their brand from 0 to 25 million euros in sales selling basic socks and underwear – in just 5 years! Listen in to hear them talk about how they reach and engage with customers and what their tips are for other brands wanting to achieve the same.

#2 How brands are re-thinking customer connection online

Andreas talks to Diana Berte, VP Sales & Marketing at ZMS, about how the industry has changed and what predictions we can make for the future of #fashionmarketing. Looking back on the many campaigns we’ve had over the past months, Diana discusses best practices and the ways in which she and her team have been helping brands come up with innovative ways to reach the right customers and rethink what it means to connect and engage in socially distant and unpredictable times.

#01 The North Face: Crafting campaigns around sustainability

Andreas talks to Sebastian Reinhard, Marketing Director at The North Face, about their holistic marketing approach for their latest upcycled collection – The North Face RENEWED by RÆBURN. Find out how they connect with outdoor fashion and sustainability conscious customers via their campaigns – from ideation and collaboration, to developing a strong data-driven approach, and knowing exactly who their audience is.

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