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#12 Athleta: Expanding to new markets

This week Andreas is joined by Kristine Pizzelanti, Vice President Marketing, Store Experience & Licensing at Gap Inc. (Athleta’s parent company), to discuss their latest European launch in partnership with Zalando.

Listen in to hear how Athleta creates locally relevant campaigns, works with athletes such as Simone Biles and Allyson Felix, and comes up with creative ways to localize the brand whilst staying true to its core values and brand DNA. You can read about the launch here:

#11 Estée Lauder: Marketing for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, this week Andreas is joined by Franca Alfuss from Estée Lauder to discuss how to make the most out of marketing activities around this time, as well as their multi-brand approach.


Franca shares insider tips and tricks from The Estée Lauder Company’s exclusive, ZMS Partner Award-winning, 2020 beauty gifting campaign, which was tailored to create awareness and excitement for the company’s brands before key commercial moments, Cyber Week and the holidays. Listen in to hear all about how The Estée Lauder Companies gained +130% new customers with their touching festive campaign and read all about the ZMS Partner Award here.

#10 Dermalogica: Launching a product with influencer marketing

Andreas is joined by Bogi Olschok, Social Media Manager at Dermalogica, to discuss how the beauty and skincare brand uses influencer marketing, specifically seeding campaigns, for product launches.

Their starting point was the question: How do you reproduce the experience of friend-to-friend skincare recommendations in the digital fashion and beauty space, and make it authentic and meaningful? Listen in to hear Dermalogica’s answer and find out all about seeding campaigns! Additionally, read Dermalogica’s success story to find out how they achieved a 95% posting rate by scaling influencer marketing via Collabary.

#9 Karl Kani: Creating hype around collections with flawless branding

When it comes to building brand heat, few can do it like Karl Kani can.

Andreas is joined by Khaled Sufi, Team Lead Marketing at Karl Kani, who shares how the brand generates heat around its cutting-edge new streetwear collections with authentic storytelling.  With viral influencer posts and 10 million ad impressions, this is a lesson in creating hype! Want to dive a little deeper? Get the full scoop on the campaign here.

#8 Deep Dive: The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Week

With Q4 just around the corner, this week’s podcast discussion is about how to make the most out of the many sales events around this time, kicking off with Cyber Week!

For a ~30 minute long Deep Dive episode, Andreas is joined by Preethi Narayanan, Director of Partner Consulting at ZMS, and Christoph Dorsch, Head of Sales at TB International, who’ll be discussing how brands can leverage peak traffic moments on Zalando and beyond. Want to dive even deeper? Learn about how to leverage peak traffic moments on Zalando here.

#7 Consumer Insights - What to do with data

Digital acceleration in the online fashion space is here to stay, meaning that data is increasingly a critical component of brands’ marketing strategies. Collecting data isn’t the tricky part, it’s what you do with the data that counts.

Listen in as Sarah Jin, Team Lead Brand Consulting at ZMS Insights, explains how you can leverage consumer insights to make better decisions, faster.

#6 Inuovo - How a small wholesale brand started selling directly to consumers with incredible success

On the podcast this week, Andreas talks with sustainable shoe brand, Inuovo, about how it entered the world of online marketplaces and Direct-to-Consumer retail incredibly successfully via Zalando. With great insights into data-driven customer and market analysis; rapid speed-to-market; and how high ambitions lead to high success is Hayriye Selekler, responsible for Business Development at Inuovo.

#5 TOMS: Fostering brand awareness around corporate social responsibility

It’s clear that we are seeing big, lasting shifts in customer expectations when it comes to the values of the brands they like to shop. With more and more brands eager to showcase the good they are doing, how can brands foster awareness around their corporate social responsibility initiatives in authentic and compelling ways? Here to talk about authentic approaches to corporate social responsibility is Ian Stewart, CMO at TOMS.

#4 The ultimate guide to influencer marketing

Andreas talks to ZMS expert, Stella Fee Ostholt, one of our Collabary partner consultants, about all things influencer marketing. If you’re wondering where to start with influencer marketing, this is your ultimate guide – regardless of what your goals or budget are, we’ve got you covered in this episode with actionable recommendations and insider know-how.

#3 SNOCKS: Connecting to customers as a small brand on a big platform

Andreas talks to Johannes Kliesch and Thomas Bauknecht from SNOCKS about how they leveraged advertising and marketing to grow their brand from 0 to 25 million euros in sales selling basic socks and underwear – in just 5 years! Listen in to hear them talk about how they reach and engage with customers and what their tips are for other brands wanting to achieve the same.

#2 How brands are re-thinking customer connection online

Andreas talks to Diana Berte, VP Sales & Marketing at ZMS, about how the industry has changed and what predictions we can make for the future of #fashionmarketing. Looking back on the many campaigns we’ve had over the past months, Diana discusses best practices and the ways in which she and her team have been helping brands come up with innovative ways to reach the right customers and rethink what it means to connect and engage in socially distant and unpredictable times.

#01 The North Face: Crafting campaigns around sustainability

Andreas talks to Sebastian Reinhard, Marketing Director at The North Face, about their holistic marketing approach for their latest upcycled collection – The North Face RENEWED by RÆBURN. Find out how they connect with outdoor fashion and sustainability conscious customers via their campaigns – from ideation and collaboration, to developing a strong data-driven approach, and knowing exactly who their audience is.

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