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Make smarter decisions, faster

Wondering where to place your marketing bets? With a wealth of consumer insights from over 46 million active customers across 560 million monthly shop visits – we’ve got exactly the answers you need.

Here's what you'll get from us

  • Consultancy: Tailored and actionable recommendations based on customer, onsite and consumer feedback analysis
  • ZMS Insights tool: 24/7 self-service platform with purchase, customer, onsite and SKU analysis, 8 dashboards and > 30 metrics
  • Custom-built dashboards: track your performance on your own terms
  • Studies and publications: understand market and consumer developments and trends

Here's how we empower you

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of shoppers across Europe
  • Optimize your strategic, product, and marketing decisions on Zalando and beyond
  • Compare your performance to competitors and gain key insights
  • Identify opportunities to grow, gain market share, and derive actions

Want to dive a little deeper?

Listen in as Sarah Jin, Team Lead Brand Consulting at ZMS Insights explains how you can leverage consumer insights to make better decisions, faster.

ZMS Insights Factsheet

All you need to know about our self-service, consulting, custom dashboards, and study services – at a glance.

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