ZMS Performance

Powerful performance solutions for your brand

Drive your sales performance and acquire new customers.

Boost sales in 4 easy steps

1. Leverage state-of-the-art machine learning performance solutions, for your whole assortment or across specific SKUs or collections.

2. Employ both onsite formats as well as offsite media including dynamic, responsive and retargeting techniques.

3. Enhance your product presentation with standout landing pages, imagery, and video content in order to drive conversions.

4. Drive performance with data and insights: we provide extensive data insights to identify the best opportunities for you.

5 reasons why it works

1. Bespoke campaigns based on your specific goals, we help you to select the right sales performance strategy and media approach.

2. Unparalleled reach: We drive your sales based on more than 1 billion quarterly user visits on Zalando.

3. Fully AI optimized technology to maximize return on ad spend.

4. Extensive performance expertise, data and insights from over 10K campaigns.

5. Best-in-class product imagery, videos, and landing pages to boost your engagement and conversions.

See how they did it: Data-driven performance marketing at 3INA

3INA successfully steered a performance campaign, updating assets based on real-time data which showed what resonated most with customers.

See how they did it: Inuovo achieved +100% GMV on top of their forecast during Cyber Week

Data-driven customer and market analysis, and high ambitions were the keys to Inuovo’s success.

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