ZMS Insights Tool in Zalando's Retail Center

We are moving the ZMS Insights Tool to the Retail Center, Zalando’s wholesale platform for partners. Please see below an overview of the most relevant questions related to the migration.

What is the Zalando Retail Center?
The Retail Center is Zalando’s single destination for all your wholesale business with us. The Retail Center is a platform that provides tools for every major procure-to-pay process.


Why is the ZMS Insights Tool moving to the Retail Center?
In order to continue improving our insights offering to you, we have made the decision to place the ZMS Insights Tool for partners with a majority Wholesale business model onto the Retail Center which is a Wholesale focused platform. Integrating the ZMS Insights Tool onto a wholesale focused platform will allow us to offer you a more in-depth look into your performance on Zalando. It will also allow you to have one location for all of your retail business.


Who can get access to the ZMS Insights Tool on the Retail Center?
As with the Solution Center, there are no limits to how many of your colleagues can have access to the ZMS Insights Tool on the Retail Center. The only difference that you will see is that one of your colleagues will be a Supplier Administrator and thus responsible for the handling of all accounts.


Who is our point of contact for the ZMS Insights Tool on the Retail Center?
For all technical questions, please reach out to insightstool@zalando.de

For general Retail Center questions (e.g. account management topics), please contact supplier-support@zalando.de.


What kind of data will change?
As the Retail Center is Zalando’s platform for our Partner’s Wholesale business, only information relating to Wholesale SKUs will be displayed. Further, we will report insights only connected to your supplier identifier and brand code.


Why is only Wholesale moving to the Retail Center?
Only Partners with a majority Wholesale business model are moving to the Retail Center as the Retail Center is a Wholesale focused platform. The Retail Center platform hosts many applications centered around our Partners’ Wholesale businesses. In the future, we will be moving Partners with Partner Program business models to a platform that is currently being developed called zDirect.


Why can I now see the number of sold items and conversion rate?
Due to the Retail Center being a Wholesale focused platform, only SKUs sold under the Wholesale business model will be shown. The current version of the ZMS Insights Tool on the Solution Center combined information for Wholesale and Partner Program SKUs. As these are considered different entities, there were limitations to the information that we could share. This separation of Wholesale and Partner Program SKUs allows for a more comprehensive analysis of the performance of your SKUs.


When will the removed tabs be available again?
After all partners have successfully been moved to the Retail Center, we will begin adding further tabs. We are working on making the graphics that we show our Partners better, therefore there will be new features available, as well as some features that we have improved from the current ZMS Insights Tool.


Will I still have a peer group?
Yes, of course! We are dedicated to offering you insights into how your performance compares to your competitors, therefore your peer group will still be available and will continue to be presented in the same way.


Is my account going to be deleted from the ZMS Insights on the Solution Center? Will I still be able to access the Solution Center?
Your account on the Solution Center will not be deleted, however, your access to the ZMS Insights Tool will be removed and you will only have access to the remaining applications you have on the Solution Center. Access to the ZMS Insights Tool will be provided to you via the Retail Center.


Is the data still reflecting the past 3 years (or as long as our brand has been selling on Zalando)?
We will offer 13 months of data.


Will there be new features?
After successful migration, you can expect to occasionally see new features added to the ZMS Insights Tool.


What will happen to the performance insights for our Partner Program business?
We are hard at work on the creation of a Tool for our Partners’ Partner Program businesses called zDirect, we will share further details later this year.


Contact: insightstool@zalando.de

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