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Our ZMS Engineering Teams

Our team spearheads our data-driven advertising solutions, which play an important role in our platform strategy.

Interesting Technical Challenges

  • Low-latency, high-concurrency use-cases like in Zalando Advertising Tech teams
  • ML-heavy solutions such as Sponsored Products (Media teams)
  • Efficient mass-data processing, such as in the Business Intelligence and Insights teams
  • Solving complex business problems



Fit for purpose selection of technologies, with a combination of proven technologies and some more uncommon pieces where it makes sense, i.e. vert.x state-of-the-art infrastructure, cloud-only, with K8s on top of AWS.


Data Engineering & Research

You will be a part of the forefront team leveraging our data insights tool through impactful visualizations that will help our customers interpret the data and take action on it. Our Sponsored Product optimization team consists of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Backend developers who work on improving and operating our high-load/ highly-available real-time recommendation systems.


Developer Productivity and Infrastructure Offerings

  • Company-wide Github Enterprise
  • CI/CD platform
  • Proprietary out-of-the-box Monitoring and Alerting
  • Provisioning of third-party tooling such as Lightstep but also Security
  • SRE experts at hand to consult teams with expert knowledge on very specific topics

Our ZMS Engineering Teams. Our tech teams create end-to-end, data-driven solutions that improve the experience of both consumers and advertising clients.

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