Senior Lead Strategic Partner Consultancy

Meet Victoria Marshall

What’s your name?
Victoria Marshall

How long have you been working with ZMS?
Almost 2 years (Sept 2018) but in Zalando years, it feels like 10!

How would you describe what you do and how you approach it?
My role is to work with brand partners such as Nike, The North Face, and Levi’s to guide them through how best to work with Zalando. When working with brands, my approach is always to understand their ambitions with Zalando, how they view us in their overarching media mix and where we can present them opportunities to partner with us through our robust data and service offering. I also come at it with a “work hard, play hard” attitude and believe in building personal relationships with brand partners as we are all humans at the end of the day.

Where do you feel you can have the most impact?
I am a people person and make it my mission to see my team grow and develop in their own way. I see my role as a lead to be one of mentoring and helping the team navigate the work we do while also impacting how we do business as ZMS. As a self-proclaimed media geek, this has served me and the team well in the work we do. With ZMS playing an increasingly integral role in the growth of many of our partners, utilizing this media knowledge is how we can best serve the company. This manifested itself during COVID-19 when the Strategic Partner Consultant, Sebastian Zimmer, and I were able to pivot the strategy for a major partner. We completely reworked their CCP program to make sure that we had adequate budget across all categories but that the investment was better allocated to categories that were selling better such as sports and loungewear and also got them to continue their investment in TTL by developing an audience-centric approach to social media and programmatic marketing. As a result, they still grew over the period by close to 10% YoY

What makes your department special?
From an industry perspective, ZMS is quite unique when compared to both agency businesses and the retail marketing teams that exist in competitors such as ASOS and Amazon. Brands really see us as a partner and are willing to invest to grow both businesses jointly. In the Strategic Partner Consultancy team, it feels especially like we straddle both worlds and help translate the goals of both Zalando and the partner into a cohesive strategy. It’s rare in an agency to get to work with so many partners in fashion but at Zalando, this is a reality and a cool one at that!

How has ZMS enabled you to grow?
Having come from the agency world, I had been used to working with brand partners among them adidas, VF group, and UGG from previous roles. Being at Zalando, I now have a more rounded understanding of how buying, merchandising, and wholesale relationships work. I’ve also gotten to see first hand how brands are gearing up to be more ready for marketplaces like our Partner Programme which ultimately changes how they think about media and our role within their overarching business as we offer them more opportunities to tie performance directly to their P&L.

What surprised you since joining ZMS?
The pace! Things change within the company so quickly…

What’s your birthday wish for ZMS?
Keep growing and changing the game!

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