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Meet Thomas Santana

What’s your name?
Thomas Mailleux Santana

How long have you been working with ZMS?
I have been with Zalando from November 2016, and moved to ZMS in July 2018, when Consumer Insight (now ZMS Insights) joined ZMS.

How would you describe what you do and how you approach it?
I write software to deliver value to our customers. To me, that means applying my craft and having an inquisitive mind. There are two challenges to writing good software, knowing how to write it, and knowing what to write. This second requires understanding stakeholders and customers, hence my inquisitive nature.

Where do you feel you can have the most impact?
I feel my impact is greatest when I enable my team to discover and deliver the right solution to our customers.

What makes your department special?
ZMS Insights has a very diverse and collaborative group of people. We support each other and have a very positive attitude toward challenges.

How has ZMS enabled you to grow?
After 20 years on the road, it’s nice to be in such a dynamic environment. This allows ample opportunities for sharing knowledge and tackling complex problems (technical and organizational). Both help me out of my comfort zone and allow me to grow. It also gives me opportunities to mentor which is always helpful for both sides.

What surprised you since joining ZMS?
The speed the business grew and how we kept the pace despite the growing pains.

What’s your birthday wish for ZMS?
That we improve the way we collaborate between teams and with Zalando as a whole.

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