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Meet Pooja Bhatia

Meet Pooja. She’s an Engineering Manager at ZMS, working on our influencer marketing platform, Collabary. Read on to learn more about her hybrid position across two teams and about how she’s staying positive during the pandemic and enjoying working from home.

What is your current role at ZMS? How long have you been working with ZMS?

I am Engineering Manager at ZMS, working with ZMS since August 2020.

What were the main reasons for you to join ZMS?

I developed an interest in ZMS after looking at how it offers 360 degrees marketing services to clients. I got offered an Engineering Manager position for Collabary, ZMS’s influencer marketing platform. While the domain was new to me, it certainly was technically challenging spanning across brands and influencer apps on web and mobile. I grabbed the opportunity :).

What team do you work on and how would you describe what you do and how you approach it?

At Collabary we build an influencer marketing platform that provides influencer discovery, campaign management, and social media insights to the brands. Along with my team, I ensure a scalable architecture to provide data-driven campaign insights from the huge volume of data that we collect.
In a few months of joining ZMS, my scope was expanded to also manage the Landing Pages team at ZMS that builds the platform to compose the campaign landing pages out of an assortment of modules available in the library. The facets of integration with platforms and frameworks central to Zalando bring interesting dimensions here.
Many thanks to both of my teams, which are immensely self-driven. We have been able to support various brands so far, which is amazing!

How would you describe the working and team culture at ZMS?

ZMS has a diverse workforce, from various geographies. Despite the differences, ZMS encourages respect, inclusion, and collaboration. Teams always strive to collaborate in order to offer 360 degrees cross-channel marketing for partners.
ZMS has also provided flexibility towards employee situations during the pandemic to support them as much as possible.

Where do you feel you can have the most impact (on customers, partners or our colleagues)?

Since the products I am delivering enable partners to execute campaigns at different levels of the marketing funnel, I definitely have a high impact on our partners. Additionally, with the extended scope of my role, I can now see the common challenges across the teams and can impact on the standardization of similar engineering concerns.

How do you think ZMS makes a difference? What was the most exciting challenge at ZMS that helped you grow?

ZMS provides 360 degrees marketing by providing a data-driven approach across many different channels. One of those channels is influencer marketing with Collabary, which my team is working on. The product brings with it the challenges of scalable influencer discovery, campaign execution, and consequently the data-infused insights drawn from those campaigns. This leads engineering teams to adopt a technical design that deals with the heavy volume of data.
Through the integration with the core product, I get a lot of exposure to the Zalando tech ecosystem with the other teams. Ensuring proper SLAs for the platform, so that account managers can set up different content types is a challenge.
Every day is a learning experience!

How do you keep up to date with new technologies? Have you ever implemented something you learn in a work context at Zalando/ZMS?

While meetups help me unravel new things and build a network, I dedicate time daily to reading tech blogs, watching talks, and the old-fashioned way – Twitter :).

What are your go-to WFH tips and tricks? How do you take care of yourself during these times?

Think Positive, Stay Negative :). While WFH certainly brought challenges of virtualizing the personal connection, I am embracing the positives of it. With no commute to work (my home is far from my workplace), I can devote more time to my health, learning, and family.

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