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Meet Nadà Essaber

Nadà started as an intern with ZMS and is now guiding, supporting and inspiring our partners as a Partner Consultant. What motivates Nadà in her work is constantly learning and pushing towards ambitious goals, both for herself and the brands she empowers to grow beyond their expectations on Zalando. Read more about Nadà below!

What is your current role at ZMS? How long have you been working with ZMS?
I am a Partner Consultant and I started working at ZMS in June, 2019.

What were the main reasons for you to join ZMS? What team do you work on and how would you describe what you do and how you approach it?
My journey at ZMS started as an intern. I was eager to learn and develop in one of the most dynamic and innovative units at Zalando. It ended up being an enriching experience, shared with some of the most talented people and partners I know, who played an important role in my growth. As a Partner Consultant, you have the responsibility to support the achievement of your partner’s plans, where marketing represents a key component to increase visibility and growth across the multiple touchpoints of Zalando. If we consider that on Zalando as of today we have more than 4,000 brands and 42M+ active customers, you immediately realize the pool of opportunities brands have to build their presence online: from increasing their customer base, to telling a relevant story or pushing the right set of products at the right time. Last but not least, we never stop learning: once a campaign ends, we measure the success of our strategies by looking at the data to improve our future planning and achieve better results.

How would you describe the working and team culture at ZMS? 
At ZMS, partners can find teams specialized in every aspect included in our service offering: from media strategy to content creation and data insights. We work as a team, and brands are involved from day one in defining ambitions, objectives and ultimately translate this into cohesive strategies with us.

Despite me being part of Zalando for about 2 years now, I was impressed about how fast we have been able to react and adapt our offering to the challenges of 2020, coming up with ideas and resources on how to make sure the financial impact on our partners was minimal, this, of course, wouldn’t have been possible without the joint effort of both sides of the business.

When it comes to culture, I believe everyone has the chance to voice their opinion. We seek feedback but on the other hand, we never forget that we are humans, and mistakes, as well as questions, are welcome.

Where do you feel you can have the most impact?
ZMS represents more and more a key player in the growth of our partners, and my role is to make sure partners are being on track with their plans while helping them navigate our business to smash their YoY % growth. I am a big fan of knowledge and experience sharing and I believe both play a decisive role in achieving the latter. Moreover, I have a pretty diversified brand portfolio that goes from textile to footwear and accessories brands where the challenges you might encounter are completely different, this allows me to build a broader knowledge base that could serve as a resource for my partners as well as my colleagues.

How do you think ZMS makes a difference? What was the most exciting challenge at ZMS that helped you grow?
The people, the resources, and the way we work with brands it’s what makes the difference at ZMS. There is not only one strategy, there are multiple strategies, all tailored to our partner brands. Brands really see us as a partner and they invest in us. Our job is not just to deliver but also to provide maximum value and transparency on processes while we work to implement such strategies.

What was your most favourite project you worked on at ZMS?
Definitely hard to tell, because as diverse as our partners are, the projects I had the pleasure to work on are countless and all memorable. If I need to mention one, then I go for the Replay Jump House event which was definitely the best way to kick off my journey at ZMS: a group of influencers and their followers, met in a Jump House to spend the day jumping around while wearing the most flex denim I have ever seen. The night ended up with a DJ set inside the building, definitely once in a lifetime!

What causes do you care about or support, when it comes to D&I? 
In 2020, I joined the committee for Diversity & Inclusion at Zalando and ZMS. I am glad to have been given the chance to actively work into shaping the way both topics are driven internally and externally. It is a constant learning experience, and we have a long way ahead, but I believe Zalando could play an important role in addressing such topics in the workplace and involve our partners in participating in such initiatives with our support.

What are your go-to WFH tips and tricks?
Working from home has been quite challenging at the beginning: new environment, work and private life merging together. Establishing and maintaining a rhythm has helped to find a balance between the two. Although I tried to be positive from day one, accepting days where I was not feeling okay, also helped me to go through these times. Lastly, discovering a new passion, such as painting, made me look forward to something with a good impact on my well being and mental health!

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