Account Manager ZMS Creative

Meet Matthew Fode

What’s your name?
Matthew Fode

How long have you been working with ZMS?
10 months

How would you describe what you do and how you approach it?
I’m a Brand Account & Influencer Marketing Manager at ZMS Creative which is the creative internal agency within ZMS. I work with brands including Diesel, Converse, G-Star, and Replay to execute multifaceted marketing campaigns to elevate their visibility on Zalando and off-site via other media portals.

Where do you feel you can have the most impact?
In addition to my role, I feel I’ve been making a big impact volunteering with the LGBTQI+ and Diversity Guild Employee Resource Groups. Being a part of the inspiring initiatives these groups work on to better the environment for all Zalandos has been incredibly inspiring and one of my proudest accomplishments while working at Zalando.

What makes your department special?
ZMS Creative is filled with some of the most creative and inspiring people I’ve ever worked with in my career thus far making it very special to be a part of it.

How has ZMS enabled you to grow?
ZMS has provided me with the opportunity to grow by giving me full control over my projects and a flat hierarchy in which I’ve always felt comfortable approaching senior leadership for guidance when needed.

What surprised you since joining ZMS?
The depth of collaboration – every single project is an intensive collaborative process with many different stakeholders that each bring their vision to help bring our creative ideas to life.

What’s your birthday wish for ZMS?
To continue thriving with the best team in the business!

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